At Morgan Clayhall we design and craft hand finished one of a kind pieces.  We champion our clients as partners to design the perfect piece for any specific project.  Our goal is to combine expert furniture craftsmanship with fine arts.  We develop our own signature metal finishes that are meticulously done by hand.  Incorporating original artwork by partner Murray Duncan we are able to customize our cabinets specifically to our customers by incorporating names, birthdays, song lyrics etc, onto our cabinets.      

Being a manufacturer means that we are able to customize our pieces to any dimension, for any space.  

We use the finest material available, such as leather from partners in the USA, and Italy.  All of our pieces are made locally and hand finished in our studio in Toronto.

We love a challenge and are not limited by our collection.  If you have an idea for a piece we will work with our clients to make your ideas a reality.