A quick conversation with Brian and Ryan, whom we created custom pieces of furniture for their newly renovated home.  

A conversation with Brian and Ryan

When Brian Vandervecht and Ryan Wiley renovated their newly purchased century house on Brooklyn Avenue in the east end neighbourhood of Toronto, they came to Morgan Clayhall to outfit their space with custom pieces of furniture.  Here is brief conversation with them about their experience with the renovation and why they chose our services.

1. What inspiration guided your renovation project?

After living in a few different homes together, we felt the need to make a space our own.  We liked the idea of a home that reflects the way we live our lives, not us trying to adapt a space to our lives.  We love the synthesis of old and new - historical continuity.  In our century home, we tried to preserve the integrity of the original design and context within the neighbourhood, while bridging the home into the 21st century in a bold way.


2. How would you describe your design style?

"Timeless modernism".  Restraint, clean lines, natural materials and fibres, elegance, judicious whimsy, natural light/view of outside.


3. How did our company align with your project?

On two levels.  There is a shared vision of the world and what is beautiful - we have a shared aesthetic with Morgan Clayhall.  There is also a personal connection - we get along well with Jordan, Murray and Brett.  This is extremely important to ensure trust and challenge each other on ideas and truly collaborate.  We are co-creators in the process - we must come to the table with ideas as well, or the end result will not be what we envisioned.


4. How do you find the process of creating custom pieces as opposed to a ‘catalog experience’?

To a certain extent we feel we are cheating when we buy a catalog piece.  We want everything in our home to be authentic, original and precise, which you never find at the usual shops.  Working with Morgan Clayhall is about experimentation - you can't experiment with a catalog piece, it is the easy way out and kind of boring.


5. How do you see your home’s design evolving?

Our home's design will change with the dynamics of our lives and will never be done (we hope!).  As our lives and interests evolve, we will adapt our furniture / design to meet our needs.


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